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Our Services

Build Custom Software

​We design, develop and deliver software solutions for Maritime ERP and logistics sector. We work with .NET framework, MS SQL and many Open Source solutions.

Sea Staff Training

We take pride in training sea staff in use of Ship Management Software (as used by client), before they join vessels. Training can be arranged on-site or Off-site as  requested by the Client

Database Building

We offer an accurate and scalable solution for database building for businesses. A front-end process for handling complex data and converting paper documents into easily manageable, and accessible digital data. Database building features include:

  • Data Collection & Compilation

  • Database Creation & Maintenance

  • Graph Creation

IT Outsourcing

We  provide technical and specialized competence for the administration of IT infrastructure to businesses in asset management, storage management, and data security management.

L1 Support

Our Support Team offer day-to-day follow-up with ships and office,


maintain a knowledgebase and share same with the client and other vessels in the fleet.

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